what goes up must come down

grav·i·ty [grav-i-tee]–noun
the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the centre of the earth

they're not kidding ! :)

today i just wanted to cry :)
i guess i could blame fatigue. over the past couple weeks ive been running a minimum of 10kms every day, ive been doing lots of classes, lots of plyometric sessions, and lots of the daily xfit WOD's ...
but i was simply doing toe taps on a bench. 50 seconds of the easiest of the exercises of the toughest workout we were currently doing in xfit - right near the end of the 50 seconds, my left leg goes up, and what goes up is spose to come back down, right. it didnt. my right leg goes up. my left leg stayed in place - can humans balance with no feet on the ground? no point of contact? NOPE!!!! apparently NOT! haha
i fell back, hard and flat onto the concrete. on my tail bone, of which, is mostly nonexistent in my fused backbone. it knocked the wind out of me. i lay back against the wall. i wanted to burst into tears. everything hurt. and my legs were like jelly.
maryanne asks am i ok. deb comes over and asks do i want help up. both lovely people. i cant cry. i am spose to be strong right. i say thank you to them, and that i am ok :) i look over at kerrin, she hasnt seen me, she has moved to the next exercise, a ball of hard working sweat :) fortunately, for if she asked, i would have burst into tears! look over at jan, he realises something is up and comes over. of course i am ok.
try to get the wind back, try not to feel the pain wreaking through my back. shake my head, breathe. stand up and move onto the next exercise. counting how many left to do before the class ends, looking at how tough they were - eeeeeeek! mentally working out how i can pretend to be doing them while 'not doing them' :D i certainly didnt have an opportunity for that "righting moment" pictured. no centre of gravity, no centre of buoyancy

damn gravity!

unfortunately i had run to the gym, so had to run home. it hurt to run. it hurt to walk. i was walking at snaiul pace just at the beginning of policeman hill, and christie comes driving along. pulls up to see whats happening. i head to the car, and ask for a lift. i have never done that before - he had been at the pool, talk about good timing for once!
get home. cry out the pain. then get up and head back to the gym to do step. haha. but. i drove.

yep. damn gravity. :P~


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