rocky road to rocky

luxury - it is not!
plans for an early start on the road had to be delayed when storm had to go to the first day of tafe despite her holidays beginning yesterday - so no problems, simply an adjustment and throwing plan b into action, the main concern of course, was island times getting done to deadline -:)
had to drop some work off at finch hatton first - had worked that in with the trip already, then was heading south via there ... had planned on being at the gold coast by tonight, in one fast fowl swoop, no dilemmas, no hold ups :D have a run to shake off the car travel, work on it through the night, send it off, wake up thursday ready for the day, simply having to do corrections and send it to the printer - don't know what my head was dreaming of, for regardless that concept wouldnt have worked like that anyways.
with a later leaving - plans had to be changed drastically. new plan?
leave hopefully by 2. go to finch hatton. get to rocky. find somewhere to stay overnight. storm can sleep. i can do the work. email proof to susan to check when she wakes. get to bed. get our bodies into car early tomorrow morn and race to the gold coast, book into accommodation with enough time to do changes and get the paper to the printer. :D
not on your nally!
i think we had everything against us, the road to finch hatton not as good a run as expected, seemed to take forever, and then time there chatting, however, we did make it to rocky just before 8, we weren't booked in anywhere, so spent a while finding accommodation, am in a small cabin in a caravan park on the highway - luxury it is not, but, all i need is a power point and the internet - and, a place to lay our heads. guess we got it!
set computer up, think of our bellies, decide to start downloading emails from susan  while we head out and find something to eat - and what? NO INTERNET access!! haha - storm couldnt get it on her phone, i couldnt get it on the notebook, nor on the computer - great. no optus reception. so then the hunt was on for food AND an internet cafe. figured i could download everything, chuck it onto the flash drive, come back and work away, then figure how to get the proof out in the morning. ever found yourself stuck in rockhampton late and trying to find something 'open' :D eeeeeek
couldnt find a internet cafe. im certain they have them! found a supermarket. got some fruit and veg to eat. (phew) got hold of susan. she said no problems just do it thursday night - ??!!!!! :/ cant. it is spose to be at the printers by 3pm thursday. however. stuck. so have to go with her ok that that will be fine ... makes me feel very incompetent though, hmmm or is negligent the word.
then. 11pm. one last try before laying down on the cold hard mattress we had - the internet works. darn :)
so have just finished working on it. sent off the proof. and about to put my very tired body onto that lump of hardness. just looked up how far to the gold coast - the racq road trip planner says 8hours - i didnt know it was that far still ... need to be up and gone around 6.
i SO need a run!!!! brain is all antsy and stressed ....


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