miracle at airlie beach

i hope. something happens. that brings me to life again. <- OMG it happened.... today, we saved a life. that. is a miracle. a miraculous story. the guy was missing in the scrub for five days! our team, david, ben and myself were the ones who were in the zone where he was so came across him - david thought he was dead, but then his fingers moved ... and he and i sat with him, till others came to help us get him out, the terrain, overgrown, we had already been fighting it while searching, and had to get the floodboat and many people, through the overgrowth  ....
probably - the most miraculous day of my life. the things that happened. the things we witnessed. the things we did. the smells .... none of today, will ever be forgotten. really, a miracle.

everyone deserves to live, no matter who they are. even him. i hope. in time. he sees that. and it changes his life. i hope. he can smile again. *blessings*

it woke me up.


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