danger will robinson

coral beach STILL closed .... :/

so, did the stairs 14 times (OUCH) then came back to do mt rooper - twice - the first time, i got lost!!! hell i dont know how but ... well. it's me, it's possible apparently ...
countless times i have run it, both directions, it is, quite overgrown at the moment, only grasses though, all the cyclone damage has been cleared .. just long tickly grass, well, actually, probably some form of plant, not like green lawn - anyways, running, discovered myself thinking it was even more overgrown than last week, questioning, stopping, looking, no, im still on the trail, it is still ok - a few times ... then came across a landslide - well, that explained what was wrong ... there's been a landslide since last week!! way across the other side, i could just make out what i thought was the trail again, so, precariously, i made my way across, careful of every footfall, for it sure didnt look safe, and also thinking, i must call the council and let them know .... across the worst of it, the trail, still overgrown, i could (ha really?!) make it out!
i couldnt run it, it was narrow. it was barely visible, but kept walking, moving forwards, brushing all the overgrowth out of the way, thinking i might invest in a machete for next time ;)
it was single trail anyway, then man oh man, it was NOT clear at all!! i think that was the stage i figured i was getting agitated, frustrated i could not see the trail clearly, frustrated council had let the overgrowth get so bad, and simply frustrated, with myself that i couldnt figure where the trail was clearly, considered the options, i wasnt going to keep going ahead, and turned to head back, and could see NO visible sign of anything except bush :)
haha! my friggin goodness - well, straight up i could see blue sky, so knew if i just moved upwards i would come to the top and find trail, somewhere, downwards, i knew would get me to the road, so i wasnt lost or anything, just, it was alllll steep, and not really do'able - thought of the book deep survival - know it took me 30 seconds off the trail to get lost in the great walk, cos i panicked, this was a long way i had come in comparison, but, still dont understand 'lost' ... made my way, downwards, working my way across as best i could - just searching for anything remotely cleared ... and about 15 minutes later - hit pay dirt :D - heh, talk about stupid.
i had played snakes and ladders and the roll of the dice had sent me plummeting, i was so far down the track again.... sooooooooooooooooo up i went, take two, i had completely missed a bend - so there was NO landslide at all, it was just cyclone mess, not cleaned up, because it had been nowhere near 'trail' and will never be cleared, the forest will regrow, around it all ....
moral of my misadventure is: i guess it matters not how often you do a route, focus still has to remain sharp, and no drifting off into lala land which is what i must have done to have missed just sticking to a VERY CLEAR, very easy to follow trail!! :D
finished and did it again... a good run in the end
actually, enjoyed the veer off ... shakes the senses around a bit and wakes me up.


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