hiding a body can be difficult

my horoscope says: "Don't leave anything to the last minute today - there are likely to be rewrites, detours and dramatic changes of direction that shock everyone and take them completely by surprise. Digital and electronic devices are unstable and communication is erratic."
thats hilarious - apt - i have just been and hidden a 'body' part way up mt rooper, we (SES) are 'searching' for it tonight, and what are we using? walkie talkies, and gps's (thats the goal if people turn up) - let's see how the communication goes then eh! and, cos i had to hide it later in the day, i left my training run till days end too, and when i went to run, the trail i was doing was closed, *danger* signs everywhere (what the!) so had to go do another instead, i like things planned ... ah yes, detours, dramatic changes... horoscopes. dont leave anything to the last minute. bit late, the advice.

so, my day?

left at quart after 5, ran to gym and did bike class, balance and run home ... nice start to the morning, but left the rest of training till late afternoon, so when i went to 'hide the body' up at mt rooper for ses training in the evening... i integrated it to save doing two trips ... couldnt hide the body too early cos then the tourists might find it and be somewhat alarmed :D
home to work for a few hours. yeah. sad, :) work interferes with life sometimes!!! :P got a lot done though, exercise will always make us work more productively, people really dont get that and use that they are 'busy' as an excuse not to. arent we all? ... its not about that, its about, - prioritise yourself and your health as important, then just do it - then be surprised by how much more work you actually get done with a clear mind and not a drugged up sugary food high mind that makes you slothful, tired and tardy ...
anyways, off high horse, eventually, i got to head back out. love my work, but do hate sitting on my backside for the best part of most days
the 'body' weighed a TON, and laurie wanted me to put it half way up and off the track a little, i wasnt sure how far i could carry it :P but that is training in and of itself mayhaps :)
and, it was me wanting to do it, and its me who offered to hide the heffalump body, so, its me that had to head out and carry away, blast - but i loved it hey!

on arrival, only one car in car park so i knew there was some people in there, but i actually passed them on their way out as i headed in - me and my friend - cant imagine their thoughts! they smiled big, four ladies - didnt speak english! - the dummy had an arm that kept falling off - it was armless! ha - i ended up folding the legs up to the head, taking the arm completely off and stuffing it inside their shirt - oh - it was a girl, BUT, damn the boobs were small!!!
alternated shoulders to carry it up the mountainside!
only 300m to the turnoff, broad and easy, and the sweat was dripping from me already - started upwards, kept going up and up, alternating, arm falls out, pick it up, lug the thing over my shoulder again, more steps upwards, trail narrows, the grasses overgrown, have to organise it in front if me, arm falls off again, rearrange, on and on - give me boot camp and tyres and logs, ANY day!!
finally decided upon its resting place, more to do with i was tired of carrying her :) and boom, dumped her into the bush, set up with a hangover, a broken arm and a broken leg :D aint i kind to dummies!!! did run further up to see if i should go up more with it, but came back down and left her there, ready for the 'search party'!

headed to shute for the stairs first after that ... no easier than last week cept added another two up and downs, i know how jelly babies feel - 2160 steps - yayayayay ... but yes, done. success :)
then drove to coral beach - do not run in here you will die a slow and steady death after being eaten alive by drop bears and stay out, raged the signs :/ ok, not quite that, just danger: unauhorised entry prohibited. serious injury or death could result from entering in this area :) haha - really!?
from the cyclone still or cos they are simply working on it i couldnt work out ... - there wasnt even anywhere i could 'illegally access' it - like i did the great walk ... so - decision. it was getting late anyways, but drove back to mt rooper, did swamp bay (pictured) run instead. oh, life is tough! :D it's not a hard one, but, it's still very pretty, not that i ever see much of the scenery except the ground, but, its nice being away from civilisation, and inside rainforest...
home for a quick eat before i got picked up for ses. and THAT was fun. - SES - not getting picked up! :D

only 5 people turned up though :(
which is superly disappointing.
sad, because people complain when we sit and just talk for training, and when something is organised to get involved in, they don't come? i don't get it. but, we 5, enjoyed it. mostly, to learn the gps' - which i have never learned, so interesting, the goal being of course, over a time, andrew will have all the trails both on the mainland and the islands for when we have to do any real s&r's...? not enough of us to do what laurie had planned, but, i found it so cool.
as i knew where the body was i stayed at the back of course, but, it was still fun with headlamps and torches, and some other people. i wish every week i could go somewhere and do that but, would be good if it even becomes a monthly event... or... if people simply became interested :/

ah well. we never got to work with the walkie talkies as there wasn't enough of us for need, but, as far as i know the gps' behaved themselves :D though we had a little bit of trouble working out distances to begin with .... but, maybe horoscopes aren't fully right.

all in all, a very wonderful day.


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