proud of me

ok, i love my life right now - it is, finally, full of only the most wonderful people i can imagine - and for that i can but only be, the luckiest

i ran into people last night by chance as i headed for a late night dessert, that until i left work a couple months ago, i thought were friends - was surprised to discover, apparently not - but, that's life eh :)
it was a huge faceslap
for all that is happening, i have worked hard and i DO deserve the results - workwise and personal - and, the only people who touch my life with any influence, all have some sort of amazingly positive strengths that rub off and bring happiness to me
they, are the ones who count.... hopefully, i recipricate many blessings back to them too somehow ....

i dont need those who dont like 'the more confident me' - whatever their reasons - to create any negativity. i allowed last night to bum me momentarily, but pulled myself together quickly ....
i am, a new me. and i am proud, finally, of the person i am becoming, slow as the changes are. they have been decades of years in the making.

about time.


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