too much paradise

went for bootcamp this morning - couldnt find the group! :/ ... found many others training away, but couldn't find 'the park' the one i was heading to was in, so many people around, ran from one park to the other, then half a dozen 'asks' later - found, *mine* - at 2 minutes AFTER 6 - not a soul in sight .... it was raining so wondered if maybe they don't meet if it rains - i doubt it though. obviously i had just missed them, and they must run to different places and use that maybe simply as a meeting point mayhaps. bummer
was close to the national park so continued in and did a run instead - busier than burke street!! more people running/walking at 6am in the morning through there than the population of airlie beach! must say i am blessed on the trails at home with 'peace'. wont complain again that people arent 'utilising' them... and enjoy instead the solitude that i love. cos i must say, the 'feel' wasnt the same, plus some of the single trail sections had to pull off all the time for they aren't wide enough for two people running in opposite directions - the trail beautiful though, specially coming back along the coast line - the sun broke through the sky creating simply a spotlight effect on the ocean

then, the pleasure of the most beautiful rainbow running back from there though - over the surfers on the water and surfers paradise - cameraless, the beauty simply for my memory :)
a more gentle start to the day than yesterday, but wonderful once again. heading to brisbane. imax, lunch with my niece, haircuts and foils for storm and i, drop storm at a friends, back to the gold coast for the eve .... can get used to this holiday business.


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