trail running fun

didnt go to combat, ... was worried in case michelle was back from holidays and i dont know what to say to her because i havent spoken for so long .. :/ damn my social lack

went instead for a walk i did up to honeyeater lookout - though quite steep inparts, ran quite a lot of it, but its fun running compared to road ... every step is precarious and its fun avoiding stones and all, the leaves, the wildlife, the sounds, .... so wonderful ...
have decided i love trail walking/running.... made an exercise goal for january - am going to walk (can run some but the goal is simply walking) 400kms throughout january ... as much as possible trail.
now THATS somewhere ive never been.

so thursday 1st january 30kms
friday 2nd january 12kms
saturday 3rd january 10kms - total 52 kms in 3 days.
did around 30 in the previous two days to that though, so just over 80kms in 5 days .... not a bad start, going to be hard once back at work to do large amounts though, but i will figure it all out.

total calories 1701 - total used up from metabolism and exercise 3296 which leaves a deficit of -1595.


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