fitness fanatic?

what IS one, exactly?
fitness (fĭt'nĭs) n.
The state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.
A state of general mental and physical well-being.
The state of being suitably adapted to an environment.
fanatic: [fuh-nat-ik] n.
a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal
fanatical: [fuh-nat-i-kuhl]
surpassing what is normal or accepted in enthusiasm for or belief in something; excessively or unusually dedicated or devoted

i have recently been referred to as being a 'fitness fanatic' - actually, to be honest, not the first time, however, i just felt this time it was used in such a negative way, like its a huge weakness in my character...
am i one? i have never considered myself as such ... 'extreme' 'excessively or unusually dedicated'? i personally, do did not think so.
i believe i now care about my health, greatly, yes. to ward off obesity the answer is simple: we should eat less and exercise more... when you have spent the majority of your life fat, grossly FAT - ok, let's call a spade a spade, grossly OBESE - then manage to successfully lose most of the weight, perhaps you are more prone to worry about it piling on again? i dont have any particular answer to that. just saying.

but despite that, exercise has other tremendous benefits (for me) also.. it helps beat stress. it means i sleep better. it helps to ward off depression (GREATLY), at the very least, it numb the effects or distracts from for a time.... it creates a sensation where i want to eat better, - diet then playing an important role ...
both combined - give a sense of well-being ... but, i don't think because i care about all the benefits of energy in/energy out and the effects of such a formula - that makes me fanatical. my thoughts.

however, in wondering 'definition' in relationship to me - or where the line is drawn - and in sharing my thoughts with a friend about it all .... it was brought to my attention with a are you for real?! slap in the face retort :) ... that perhaps. well. not perhaps. that, i am. guilty as charged.

they pointed out to me, i have chosen exercise manyatime over other things i could should have been doing at various occasions over the past year. some, MOST important 'other matters' :/ i guess only a friend can actually be so blunt!

despite bad judgement of choice on the odd occasion which i guess i have to admit to with it so blatantly pointed out, i feel i DO have balance in my life. work, pleasure and exercise. i DO do TONS of 'other things', i AM social, i DO get out and enjoy the 'day' ...  i read, i write, i play. i spend time with many people just relaxing. i do spend time on my own enjoying simply 'being'.
more succinctly - i DO - relax! heaps. more than people could imagine ...

i actually feel quite offended by the term 'fitness fanatic' however .. why?
it's sort of monstrous sounding - like it is a huge glitch in the human psyche ... and it is NOT how i want to be known. so back to the beginning, if i am one, is it really then, a flaw? i guess in a sense it is, if it isnt how i want people perceiving me ...

so, what do i take away from this? teachings?
how to alter, the perception (or reality?) of what i am that is seemingly unfavourable and creating an image existence of balance
  • perhaps, the lesson is firstly, to be a little more lenient on myself. (or simply do more 'secret' training :P haha)!
  • in seriousness - i think next year i need to finally learn, i arent going to become 'obese' overnight ... so it doesnt honestly matter if i miss one training session .... i need to not panic if i then miss 'one' that it will auto become 'two' ... then three, then four .... it wont.
  • i need to strive less for 'perfectionism' and always falling short, in my eyes
  • i need to learn to be more content with where i am at physically. accepting of my shortcomings. embrace the imperfections :D
  • and when other options in life come up that somehow 'clash' with an 'exercise session' no matter what sort, know. learn. it IS ok to miss and do that instead, without it meaning i am being 'lazy' .... i dont HAVE to do everything simply because it is written down, life, can bring change from time to time. accept it
  • learn, NEVER replace anything i could be doing that may create 'balance' within my world, by using exercise as an excuse not to take part in one of lifes ventures outside the fitness mentality of my mind...
  • maybe i need to learn to eat out at restaurants without it turning into a big stressful event in my life :) and if i get a bit of 'something' in my food i wouldnt normally eat - just shut up, eat it - it isnt the end of the world!
actually. what i HAVE to learn. is noticing. realise when i am using exercise as an excuse not to partake of other things that may scare challenge me outside my self contained exercise comfort zone :)

IS that the lesson?


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