colour my world

a peek into my wardrobe discovers it filled with mostly gym clothes - hanger upon hanger - throw in a handful of singlets, some shorts, a couple of pairs of jeans and a couple of rarely worn dresses! thats it complete - i arent sure what this actually says about me - i dont have much of a life? :)
the shoe cupboard? i have three pairs of regular normal everyday shoes - yet, 17 pairs of joggers - all at varying stages of disrepair - trail running shoes, road running shoes, crosstraining shoes...
my gym gear -14 tops, 7 9 pairs of shorts. seems a lot. yet. what do i wear? the same three tops, rotating. the same two pairs of shorts - both of them, identical. shoes - i wear the same two pairs - one for when i run trails, one pair for when  i go to the gym. i do tons of barefoot stuff so at least this one is a little more comprehendable.

there is of course fat day gym gear - thats the stuff i wear regularly. versus the skinny day gym wear which will probably never see the light of day! :)
some items, well, most, can will never be worn again - ever buy something, it may lay witness to at least one wear (and i aint talkin' simply wedding dresses here!) but then wonder why on earth you did? the colour is wrong, it makes you look like a puffball, the size is ...  tight (oh no wait, thats called weight gain hey!) - the fat bits poke out in all the wrong places!
yet still, rather than get rid of it, we allow it to sit, regardless, in our wardrobe for years upon years...
thats the story of most items of clothing that i own, laying dormant in my wardrobe taking up space. most shoes, lay sitting in the cupboard awaiting useage. yet still, i go out, and buy more .... always seems like a good idea at the time!

a couple of months ago i fell in love. with the most colourful pair of shoes i have ever seen :D i tried them on. loved them. LOTS of purple! lots of other colour.
however, could not, given the amount of shoes i have possession of, justify getting them though, no matter how much i loved them, when there is many things on the list more necessary, .... so left them, in the store.

but. just to prove it pays to be nice rather than naughty during the year ...  :P~~
santa gave them to me!!!! and to think i don't believe in the merriment of christmas!

the soles are just magnificent! they currently sit on my bookself on display :D haha - cos if i wear them, they will get dirty - right!? or worn out...  the tread will start to wear away - they will depreciate in value! :P
when i head out for a run shortly, i shall retain their newness as long as i can and get an old pair out of the cupboard to wear  :D

ps: thank you santa - but i just better mention a wonderful daughter and son possibly helped him out! you know, just in case they did  :) xx


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