the op(rah)era is over

she arrived, hopped out of the black car in her sunburnt orange dress. a larger woman than i expected - but simply majestic. there really is no other word. i admit it. a proud figure.
i wish, i had been a fan, for while it was great to be there, i didnt seem to have that buzz of others - but it was interesting to witness and be a part of. a social experiment of sorts.

carmen and i had a great night the night before. after the c2k and then spending a night with her catching up, that would have been enough. simply chance took me to an oprah finale of my time away.
so maybe i was simply too tired to take in the full atmosphere or excitement of it all... but. it WAS a show. definitely. very staged.

oprah was a darling during the 'ad breaks' time ... the rest, so false, it quite made me almost feel sad for her. until you think of the money she gets for it. i guess there is always a price to pay.
i have always admired her though. her strength. her stand. and she has worked hard to get to where she is.
however, i thought she came to australia off her own back, i thought she gave away everything personally. but australia paid for her to come!? 3.5million. money well spent? i guess - i really can't judge that. the tourism industry seems to think so. and everything she 'gives ' away, comes from the sponsors expense account, nothing to do with her ... \o/ go figure.
i picked the tickets up on yesterday, and spoke with an elderly gentleman who lived the other side of the bay (he pointed his house out to me) he said oprah had rented a house for 1.5 million for the week, a 52million dollar mansion... - i dont know if that is part of the 3.5 or not ....
in talking to him said i wasnt a fan but had tickets. this lady, right next to us, (was only the three of us in this area at the opera house where they were setting up) ... turned around, almost vicious like "tell me you are joking, i have been a fan for 20 years and couldnt get tickets"!!! hahahahaha. i was in shock. uhmmm no. - this woman, had come, two weeks previous, from WA, no tickets, hoping still to get some, and hoping oprah would show up 'earlier' and she would get to see glimpse her randomly somewhere, she had been following the american guests around (they were staying at the intercontinental) ... 'walking beside them' every day they were there, (hadnt talked to them) just 'feeling the vibe of oprah off of them!
may i say OMG! :/ in a sad way. i cant imagine doing that for anyone i may idolise.  (and cant even think of anyone in that category) creepy. old man was as taken aback as me i think. i did feel sorry for her, she then said she had a brain tumour. i dont know if that is true or a sob story in an attempt for someone to give her tickets, but i was almost tempted, however did not have mine on me at that stage ... i felt guilty i was going. well. my introduction to an 'oprah fan' ....
ended up having a wonderful afternoon with ray taking me sightseeing around sydney everywhere before heading to carmens.. what an absolute lovely time i had with him, earlier we had gone for a run with sue before taking her to the airport ... rays regular' bay run' that i hear so much about - its like everyone in sydney does it - now, i have too :) yay!

then. today. it's. oprah day!
we arrived not until nearly 8 ... had to work everything around so we could get me to the airport by 1pm without the concern of traffic holdups - (our plan there worked a treat) but, we were towards the back of the queue. no matter. checking our tickets at various spots along the line, it moved slowly. an airport security system set up to walk through before heading into the opera house area, was that all over the top? are people really wanting to assassinate oprah?
into the seat area, and none to be found, we were directed over and over to many various areas, i think even the organising people were overwhelmed with how to fit everyone, ... we had been given 'showbags' with water and a blow up cushion, i had chucked my ticket into the bag, and couldnt find it when asked for it (yet again) the lady said to me i couldnt sit without it - haha! oh yes- i got through ALL other check points AND through airport security WITHOUT it! my goodness. :D really?!?!

one can only smile - fortunately, my week had been so amazing, nothing phased me and my patience seemed endless . ... found it in amongst all the advertising crap we were given in the bag. she let me go find somewhere to sit. hallelujah!
we eventually found a single spot and i sat with carmen between my legs, hadnt let go of her clothing ... but we got parted anyways ...
it was actually comfortable enough, and we spent more time standing than otherwise. people taking photos. HOW did they get their cameras in - i didnt risk it :/ dammit. definitely one of the 'you must NOT's ' though ... i must learn to be more secretive and rebellious
from 9.30, it was fun. yes. of course it was. they got us shouting and dancing and singing along. had a guy (whose name i dont know) singing the f*** you song ... too much (then and throughout the show) emphasis was given to the 'american audience', do they not know australians really DONT give a hoot?
then, oprahs arrival. the sound barrier of australia was lifted out of the sky i am certain... and like i have already said, she had a majesty about her, that much i agree on.
guests. announced. cheers. except for bindy irwin (poor bindy) ...
the show goes on. russell crowe. the helicopters loomed ahead. he asked were they hanging around,. police had to move them (not sure how they do that!) ... hard to hear both though. ad break. oprah walks around chatting, about nothing in particular, but it is the only time she seems 'normal' ... her entourage follows, im sure a can of hairspray used every time, fussing, going back to air announced, she takes her spot, plumps herself up into position, the stage show begins again. the same for jay z, (i would have LOVED to have gotten his book!) ... then ad break, back to air, bindy talks, bob talks, the mother cries. (oh for goodness sakes!) ... ad break, cancer victim family gets $250,000. cheers. ad break. then,. the best part of the show. (and i arent even a bon jovi fan either) but they ROCKED the place indeed! did a couple of songs, they were off. oprah came back on to give us an 'off camera'; talk. went on about karma and always going for your dreams etc. probably rehearsed. but it was actually a nice moment. in fact. possibly the best part of the show. we are getting a pearl announced. the crowd goes wild. we have to 'cheer' the american audience as they leave, they are more melodramatic than the whole show put together with their own importance! and really? noone gave a s**t! :D
then the long haul out of the area. THAT, was horrid. stifling,. claustrophobic! UGH! get to the station, catch train to carmens car, and off to the airport. oh we had a good idea! it worked.
i am SO glad, carmen got to share the experience with me, i hope she enjoyed it, and it is a memory we will always have, regardless. 

so, i got no phone - a pearl . well - i DO love pearls. my engagement ring was a pearl, i had said to my (then i guess, boyfriend) - you buy me a diamond, i will NEVER wear it, and much against what he wanted, i got my pearl :D
It is a geometric pendant and it features a limited edition Oprah medallion engraved in the side with ‘Oprah the farewell season’.

The medallion hangs on a 90cm sterling silver chain and beside it sits a 10-12mm Australian South Sea pearl that is set in 0.02 ct of Kailis’ signature black diamonds
ive already had an offer from someone to buy it from me... we dont get them until the new year - i dont wear necklaces, it will sit in my wardrobe gathering dust. who knows. maybe i might even take up the option. :) and go and buy a phone!

happy travels oprah. on to another country now eh?


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