foolish frolicing

today - i did - probably the stupidest thing, a human being could.
a lesson learned though - if a trail is marked as 'CLOSED' in big huge red writing, abide by it, it means, quite simply put - it is .... CLOSED!
i, arent so great at following routes, sometimes, with them even clearly marked in front of me, though to be fair, often 'trails' arent clearly seen ... that, is what causes someone to become, a misper.
today. i came close. i have never been more scared of being 'lost' than at any time - well, probably in my life. which is odd. for sometimes, i want to be simply 'lost' :)
today. i was. many times. the mind, becomes very confused and panics when we 'think' we are lost. for the most part, noone is EVER lost. we are always 'somewhere'. so if we could allow our brains to remain calm and collected, we could create a mind map of where we have been, and easily find ourselves back at where we started.



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