becoming positive

well well, life changes quickly. lots of positives today. in fact. im going to try my very best to only write positives from now on.
started the day with balance class which is about the best way ANY day could start! while still not able to lay on my belly i did MUCH better than tuesday night. always nice doing a class with kerrin. actually had some laughs with her afterwards re some photos I have received. in a nice way. people are very gracious, and for a lot of them, in sending photos, they have touched a part of themselves which is important to them. so im trying to think of ways to include everyone. because, they have all been so supportive of me and generous in sharing

head out to the car and the dr surgery has phoned me. wow. early. phone and they hadnt - yet, they had. i apologise and hang up. look at my phone again, indeed they had. i ring back again, they check - yes, it was the actual dr. wow. im important! no receptionist middle man for me anymore!! w00t haha! anyways, blood test results back. he really is working hard on my side to get me better as quickly as possible. tests at 2. back next morn by 8! haemoglobin, has MOVED up - in the right direction! yayayayayayayayay! but he said it is just going to be a loooooong slow process i will need patience with. but we discuss alternatives. he said he is against iron shots, but, he is happy to prescribe it, if i feel the process is too slow with tablets. i discuss the pros and cons. - it will hurt, he said. for probably a week. well, "i already hurt. lets get all the pain over and done with together and it doesnt matter then". and, secondly, they dont necessarily work. it depends how my bone marrow grabs hold of them to use for building blocks still. well, that side i sure dont understand. the more that has been happening - the better i become, or the worse i become - all matters not, it just keeps amazing me how related everything is to work together in our bodies as one. my toe hurts?!? oh, its probably something in my elbow!! haha!
but, told him i would like to do the needle (at that stage thought it just one!)... my time is running out to have 'patience' if there is a way i can get there faster, 3 months, 1 week, until glasshouse. i am NOT missing out on this one and i WILL do the 160k, for i know i can. but my training needs to be top notch! so he said he will write me a script and leave it at the front counter to go over and pick up (did later in the afternoon)

the book, is going wonderfully. i had a tad of a downer when i received an email from someone who said i could use their photos. but now i can't. not really sure the full story of why they changed their mind. because of who it is, i can 'imagine' - but not worth worrying about either. i did let it get me down momentarily. but when i thought about it, their negativity, well, i don't need them. one person out of so many wonderful others.
(yet surprising isn't it how we always let just 'one' alter the way we feel - only WE ourselves do that)

uplifted. straight away. haven't the time to dilly dally. had to do island times today for hamilton island so not a lot of time to think about the book. susan broke her arm, so
everything was late, the pressure on, yet, got it all finished and to the printer :) it was a good and satisfying feeling sending off the final. yay.

i actually cannot believe how happy i feel since leaving my old workplace. what a great decision - no longer surrounded on a regular basis by a negative environment and toxic people.

finished the times just in time to get ready and go do combat. (went and picked the script up though and the pharmacist told me its 15 needles - one every second day for a month! eeeek. grabbed though and will see dr tomorrow)

so, to combat - was a little hesitant. felt ok doing it last night, but driving home was a woozy! was just hoping it wouldnt be the same 'after'. well, knew it was alison taking it. so couldnt be bare footed. oh man, the DIFFERENCE!!!! big giant clodhopping pieces of cement on my feet! it really sucks wearing shoes. i wish she could allow herself to be a little more open minded - oh well, i chose to go, with the knowing. was still a good class. once again, pushed hard when i felt dizzy, and, it works :) i am shocked, the concept. but, i will question no more. i cant. my experimentation and sample of one, roars for the positive.

home. to work on the photos. got an email from kim at ABC radio. asking me if she can interview me again - chat about how i chose the photos for the book etc... i must have sounded ok for a repeat performance right. i arent a great public speaker, in fact, the thought is horrifying! - the way my life has changed over the past couple of years, the progression. its nice. i can actually see it, and, i like how things are, i like how i am ...
and the day today. a nice day.


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