homeward bound

midnight 8 hours till i make the drive back to home.

my legs feel great, had a hard time going up and down steps on monday, today a trip into brisbane sure loosened the muscles up -odd because i never get sore during any training, and, i dont recall any soreness at all after the northface, however i was in a position then to have an ice cold bath straight after finishing, - this time i wasnt. i think that makes the difference.
my ankle, swollen, but i have an appointment at the doctors before i leave to get it freshly strapped and hopefully, the drive wont be too harsh on it and aggravate - wishful thinking? mayhaps. times like this an automatic would be kinda nice.

cant wait to get back into proper training again. for what though? feeling kinda lost. i wonder if thats a normal feeling. i am so new to running the emotions i go through after or during tapers, i wonder often if they are normal, or if, something is up - if i have too many free hours on the weekend - well, i mean, REALLY, what do we do with them if we arent just running and running!!!!

wanted to do the great north walk, had that hope dashed when i found out over the weekend (thanks bluedog, you sure dont hit the nail on the head softly eh ) it has been fully booked for a couple months already. guess i need to learn these things fill up fast. ive been told many a time i have poor time management - haha - piscean trait! well, maybe ive lessons to learn and now, TIME MATTERS

the great walk in the whitsundays race is on on sunday. how i would LOVE to be doing that. - 30kms of exactly where i train and have got it down to 3hrs 10 minutes. i think the cut off is 6.5 hours, so, nothing like your own home training ground. however, i will be *on the other side* - working with the SES at this one. will be interesting to see how people are with running it. watching how they cope. how they run. the meeting with the ses made it sound treacherous! yet, it isnt. especially in comparison to blue mountains and glasshouse mountains. however, everything is comparitive i guess. i know a lot of entrants havent even trained on trails. to me, thats silly. and yeah, then its dangerous. oh how i wish i were 'doing it' .... c'est le vie?

next race, for me then, hopefully cradle mountain - though since i dnf'ed at gh i may need to get some more races under my belt and work on making my ankle strong again. i wish i lived closer to where they all are. or that i was rich kinda alienating but ....................

for now, holiday time is nearly at an end. back to the land of real life. homeward bound.

"have more mental strength
develop such mental power
that you can stand unshaken
no matter what comes
bravely facing anything
in life"
-- paramahansa yoganandra


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